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Red Wing Aerial Photography is Texas' trusted and reliable source for on demand custom aerial photography.  With available aircraft and representatives based in San Antonio and Dallas making daily flights within a 200-mile radius, we've got Texas covered.  From San Antonio to Austin to Dallas to Midland to the Rio Grande Valley to Corpus Christi to Houston and all points in between--we fly there!  Whether you need ground/architectural photos, drone, helicopter, or airplane photos, we can do it!  With over 20 years of experience supporting the commercial real estate and construction industries, we know how to effectively showcase your property for ad copy, presentations, site reconnaissance or construction progress photos--We understand what you're trying to accomplish!  Call us today at 877-324-2533 to discuss your project.

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traditional aerials PHOTOGRAPHY

Aerial photos and video captured from traditional platforms such as airplanes and helicopters offer both close-ups as well as broad views of your site showing its unique location advantages.

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Drone photography and videography offer a unique low-altitude, wide-angle perspective, highlighting the attractive architectural features of your property.

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Why hire a separate photographer to perform ground-based real estate photography of your property?  We can do it all for you-ground, drone, helicopter, and airplane!

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VERTICAL Photography

Vertical photography offers a "map-like" view looking straight down on either just your small site or of a large area such as a ranch or CBD with enough resolution and detail to produce a large, wall-sized print.

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Platforms and Altitudes Photography

Not sure whether you need ground, drone, helicopter, or airplane photos?  Click here for help deciding which photo platform best suits your needs.  We'll show you what a site looks like from various altitudes, ranging from ground level, to drone level (25'-400'), to helicopter level (200'-1,000'), to airplane level (1,000'+), all the way up to 3,500' above ground level.

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“You are awesome. These days it is really difficult to find a company that cares so much about their customers. Your flexibility and attention detail is so impressive. I can’t thank you enough for all your diligence with our account. Not to mention, the photos look great!”
— Sarah Gentry, Hardin Construction Company

Texas Aerial Photography